About us


Bible Opening is here and committed to opening and awakening the Words of the Bible to millions of people who have not been able to understand the King James Version of the Bible easily. We are here to spread the Word of God unfiltered with the clear understanding of what is written in the book and an understanding of God which will prove to many people to be contrary to what the world today teaches. We aim to take the rose-tinted glasses of God off and also remove the negative misconceptions about God touted in the world today, simply by allowing our users to read and understand the Bible.


Our aim is to open up the King James Version Bible to the millions of people who find it difficult to read the scriptures because:

  1. The translation language semantics is different from our English language semantics of today
  2. Different Hebrew or Greek words may be translated using the same English word hindering the understanding of the passage
  3. Access to the underlying Hebrew and Greek words are not accessible hence not easily enabling further in-depth study
  4. ...

We want to bring the Bible to life for Christians and the general public. We believe that without indulging in the Bible and building a personal relationship with God using His Word to understand Him, it is impossible to partake of the new Kingdom.


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